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External articles and interviews quoting Dion or exploring his ideas and work:

Creating the conditions for enterprise digital transformation by Gloria Lombardi (April, 2017) | Marginalia

Top Cloud Influencers and Brands in 2017 (Dion is #2) (March, 2017) | Onalytica

LIVE with Dion Hinchcliffe & MOD Pizza CFO for Capital Markets Day at the NYSE (February, 2017) | SAP TV

Connect Crowdchat Series: Collaboration Strategy for Business (February, 2017) | IBM Crowdchat

The enterprise is the next logical step for Slack (February, 2017) | Techcrunch

Digital Transformation in 2017 | An SAP eBook (January, 2017) | SAP

Advice for CIOs to hit the ground running in 2017 (January, 2017) | The Enterprisers Project

Workplace by Facebook begins to take shape by Ron Miller (December, 2016) | Techcrunch

Digital Hub Platforms Can Improve Enterprise Collaboration (November, 2016) | CMSWire

Bimodal IT will lead to failure, says IDC (November, 2016) | ZDNet

Dion Hinchcliffe on the Future of the Transformational CIOCritical success factors for the transformational CIO (October, 2016) | I-CIO

Why Salesforce might be interested in Twitter (September, 2016) | TechCrunch

20 must-follow Twitter accounts for digital transformation news and opinions (September, 2016) | The Enterprisers Project

How Digital Experience, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Chatbots Are Evolving the Social Experience with Bryan Kramer (September, 2016) | #H2HChat

Town Hall Debate on Enterprise Social Collaboration with Dion Hinchcliffe and Tony Byrne (September, 2016) | Real Story Group

Be a Digital Master: Emerging Tech Trends at Dreamforce (September, 2016) | Salesforce Blog

Is blockchain revolutionary, or just another infrastructure support technology? by Joe McKendrick (August, 2016) | ZDNet

Transformation Means Giving Up Control – Can You Handle That? (August, 2016) | Institute for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Top 100 Influencers and Brands (Dion is #2) (July, 2016) | Onalytica

Microsoft bought LinkedIn for your relationship data (June, 2016) | CIO Magazine

The Digital Transformation of SalesStaying Competitive with the Digital Transformation of Sales and Tweetchat Recap (June, 2016) | Avanade Blog

10 Emerging Enterprise Techs Insurers Should Watch (June, 2016) | Insurance Networking News

CIO workshop: ROI of customer experience (June, 2016) | ZDNet

Recommended Twitter Accounts for IT Executives by Martha Heller (June, 2016) | Heller Search Associates

The Engagement Paradox (June, 2016) | Brand Quarterly

Who Will Be Crushed By Digitalization And The Cloud? (May, 2016) | Seeking Alpha

Interview #1: A Conversation with SAP CIO Thomas Saueressig, Dion Hinchcliffe, and Michael Krigsman (May, 2016) | Sapphire Now

Interview #2: The Future of IT with Dion Hinchcliffe, SAP CIO Thomas Saueressig, and CXOTalk’s Michael Krigsman (May, 2016) | YouTube

Dion Hinchcliffe Interviews the CTO of Thomson Reuters, Ken Ellis, at Sapphire Now (May, 2016) | Sapphire Now

Tech Savvy: Using Predictive Analytics to Enhance Your Company Culture (May, 2016) | MIT Sloan Management Review

Collaboration: Shadow IT Can Be a Force for Good (April, 2016) | IBM Social Business Blog

Profile of Digital Influencer Dion Hinchcliffe: Power Of The Network (April, 2016) | Forbes

How Best to Make Technology Decisions For Your Business (March, 2016) | Business2Community

The digital economy will steamroll your business if you don’t adapt (March, 2016) | TechRepublic

20 influential chief information officers (CIOs) (March, 2016) | ZDNet

Interview ahead of CeBIT keynote by Dion Hinchcliffe (February, 2016) | CeBIT Enterprise Digital Arena

A Discussion of the Past and Future of Web APIs with Dion Hinchcliffe (January, 2016) | InfoQ

How CIOs can stay relevant in a changing digital landscape (August, 2015) | I-CIO

Dion Hinchcliffe: Business Transformation in the Era of Digital Everything (July, 2015) | Business2Community

Why Performance Management needs to be disrupted. Pronto. (May, 2015) | Enterprise Irregulars

What is Digital Business7 Digital Transformation Lessons (February, 2015) | Forbes

Who CIOs should follow on Twitter: 20 recommendations for IT pros (January, 2015) | The Enterprisers Project

Internal communications predictions for 2015 (January, 2015) | Simply Communicate

Facebook Where? The Enterprise Reacts To Facebook At Work (January, 2015) | Techcrunch

Up-Skilling HR Is The First Domino To Performance Gains (November, 2014) | Forbes

Expert Advice: The Most Important Hire For CIOs (2014) | Huffington Post

How Social Business Improves DevOps (August, 2014) | CA Technologies

Interview with Michael Krigsman and Vala Afshar | CXO-Talk

CIOs: Be the author of your own disruption | Fujitsu I-CIO

Should the CIO or the CMO Take the Lead on Big Data? by Dion Hinchcliffe | CIO Magazine

Rethinking the Customer Journey in a Social World by Dion Hinchcliffe | Forbes

How Companies Can Move Past a Trough of Disillusionment in Social Business | Interview in MIT Sloan Management Review

Use Disruptive Technologies to Your Business Advantage | Associations Now

Social business study: Shifting out of first gear | Contributions to Deloitte’s 2013 Social Business Global Executive Study

Transformational CIOs Need to Promote Business Social Networking (August, 2012) | Wall Street Journal

Unraveling Social Business: An Interview with Dion Hinchcliffe | Business 2 Community

Dion Hinchcliffe’s 12 Rules for Getting Value from Making Your Business Social | Social Media Today

Hinchcliffe Ties Enterprise 2.0 to Economic Lift (2009) | ReadWrite

How CIOs Can Introduce Web 2.0 Technologies into the Enterprise (2007) | CIO Magazine

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